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Parish/Baptism Registration

Welcome to Good Shepherd Parish!
We are blessed that you’re interested in joining our Catholic community and family. Please let us know how we can serve you and equip you to grow in your discipleship. We believe that “rescued people… rescue people.” Our parish exists to rescue others from our true enemies (sin, death, and the devil) and to “make disciples.” We invite you to prayerfully discern how Jesus is inviting you to join us in this mission!
Your fellow disciple of our Risen Lord Jesus Christ,
Fr. Nate Harburg, Pastor

The following two forms are for new parishioners, AND for those who seek to register a child (less than 7 years old) for baptism. (If you are also registering for a baptism, please read: Good Shepherd Parish Baptism Guidelines)

Step 1: Complete our Discipleship Form (If married, both spouses complete separately)

Step 2: Complete our Parish/Baptism Registration Form below (If married, only one spouse need fill out):

Child's First Name