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Senior Support

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How to Safely Visit and Check In With Homebound Seniors During the Pandemic

If you’re looking for ways to check in with senior loved ones, neighbors, or members of the church community who may be homebound amid COVID-19, the resources below will help you to do it as safely as possible. Read on for some helpful information on visiting and caring for homebound seniors during the pandemic.

Q1: What can I do to help seniors spiritually if they can’t get to church?

 A1: For seniors who can’t return to church during the coronavirus crisis, safe alternatives are available.

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Q2. How can I address senior mental health concerns amid COVID-19?

 A2. If you’re worried that a homebound senior could be suffering from depression, these four resources can help.

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Q3. What can I do to assist homebound seniors?

 A3. Amidst COVID-19, there are some things you can do to protect seniors from COVID-19, nutritional deficiencies, in-home injuries, financial scams, and other concerns.

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Q4. How can I safely visit homebound adults?

 A4. If you’ll be visiting homebound adults for Holy Communion, home prayer services, or to deliver groceries, you’ll need to take extra safety precautions to protect high-risk individuals. However, check with your diocese to see if the Holy Communion is available to those who cannot currently attend church.

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Whether you’ll be delivering Holy Communion to senior members of your church, or you’re looking for ways to visit your high-risk parent, grandparent, or friend amid COVID-19, these resources will help you to do it as safely as possible. You can’t be too careful in a time like COVID-19, so remember to wear your mask, practice social distancing, and keep hand sanitizer readily available.